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Job Description:

We are looking for an Office manager to organize and coordinate administration duties and office procedures. Your role is to create and maintain a pleasant work environment, ensuring high levels of organizational effectiveness, communication and safety.
Office manager responsibilities include scheduling meetings and appointments, making office supplies arrangements, greeting visitors and providing general administrative support to our employees. Previous experience as a Front office manager or Office administrator would be an advantage. A successful Office manager should also have experience with a variety of office software (email tools, spreadsheets and databases) and be able to accurately handle administrative duties.
Ultimately, the Office manager should be able to ensure the smooth running of the office and help to improve company procedures and day-to-day operation.



• Serve as the point person for office manager duties including:
• Maintenance
• Mailing
• Supplies
• Equipment
• Bills
• Errands
• Shopping
• Schedule meetings and appointments
• Organize the office layout and order stationery and equipment
• Maintain the office condition and arrange necessary repairs
• Partner with HR to update and maintain office policies as necessary
• Prepare payroll for submission to Human Resources.
• Organize office operations and procedures
• Coordinate with IT department on all office equipment
• Ensure that all items are invoiced and paid on time
• Manage contract and price negotiations with office vendors, service providers and office lease
• Manage office G&A budget, ensure accurate and timely reporting
• Provide general support to visitors
• Assist in the onboarding process for new hires
• Address employee’s queries regarding office management issues (e.g. stationery, Hardware and travel arrangements)
• Liaise with facility management vendors, including cleaning, catering and security services
• Plan in-house or off-site activities, like parties, celebrations and conferences


• Proven experience as an Office manager, Front office manager or Administrative assistant
• Knowledge of office administrator responsibilities, systems and procedures
• Proficiency in MS Office (MS Excel and MS Outlook, in particular)
• Hands on experience with office machines (e.g. fax machines and printers)
• Familiarity with email scheduling tools, like Email Scheduler and Boomerang
• Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
• Attention to detail and problem-solving skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Strong organizational and planning skills in a fast-paced environment
• A creative mind with an ability to suggest improvements
• High School degree; additional qualification as an Administrative assistant or Secretary will be a plus

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    NOTE: This form is intended for use in evaluating your qualifications for employment. Please answer all questions completely and accurately. False or misleading statements on this form and during the interview are grounds for terminating the application process or, if discovered after employment commences, terminating employment. UCSL Home Care is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on gender, race, age, creed, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, veteran status, presence of disabilities, and on any other status protected by law. Upon hiring, you must provide a current statement of good health from your physician including a recent negative tuberculosis (TB) test.
  • Note: Upon interview, please provide a copy of your driver’s license and auto insurance policy.

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    I understand that if I am hired my employment will be on an at-will, per-diem basis, for no definite term. Hours cannot be guaranteed and are subject to change. As such, I understand that I will enjoy the right to terminate my employment at any time. Ultimate Care Supported Living, LLC may also terminate my employment at any time with or without cause and/or prior notice. I further acknowledge that if offered employment I will be expected to learn and abide by all Company rules, policies, and procedures I also understand that the use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited while employed by Ultimate Care Supported Living, LLC and I am willing to submit to random drug testing to detect the use of illegal drugs prior to and during employment. Nothing contained in this employment application or in the granting of an interview is intended or designed to constitute an offer of employment or an employment contract between Ultimate Care Supported Living, LLC and myself.

    I hereby state that all of the foregoing information I have supplied in this application is a true and a complete statement of the facts. I understand that false statements contained in this application are immediate cause for dismissal.
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